Success Driver or Risk Source?

How we frame our risk discussions with key leaders and subject matter experts is critical to gathering the relevant information to conduct a thorough business analysis. If we start the meeting right off the bat with “doom & gloom” questions like, “What keeps you up at night?” frame the conversation in a more negative light, now looking for ways we could fail versus how we could better succeed.

Leaders, subject matter experts, and just humans love to boast and talk about their successes much more than their failures. Even though we know hearing about failures is very important as when we fail, we learn (well some do) and the information gathered from these past risk events is critical to support a thorough analysis. However, if we frame our business discussions solely on risk and not success, we run the risk (M.J. hehe) of not capturing the essential information that is…why are we successful?

This is a great question as if we are doing something right then we must be managing risks inherent in our efforts with some cognizant vigor, let’s focus on those efforts. Focusing on…

Not what could go wrong, but what is going right.

Focusing on success can lead to the answers we really seek, the ones where risk management as a process is aligned with success and not simply trying to keep the monsters away from the balance sheet. Just some random risk thoughts for the day. Until next time…