Decision Cats

Cats = Categories. I tried to be cute with the title but may have also introduced an element of confusion. … More

Falling > Failing

This morning while scrolling through my Linkedin feed as I normally do to take in toxic, unprofessional debates and to … More

Critical First Step…

Risk identification is the first and most important stage in the ERM process. Identifying risks requires senior leaders and management … More

Write to Think

We all aware that education and higher education for that matter are in America’s crosshairs. Critical race theory, COVID-19 impact, … More

Symphony of Risks

We always preach as risk management educators that business silos are a necessary evil, but an evil, nonetheless. Enterprise risk … More

Beware of the Butterfly

I picked up a book on my Kindle last night titled, Tiny Blunders/Big Disasters: Thirty-Nine Tiny Mistakes That Changed the … More

Open Brains

Well do we live in an age of stupidity or what? Just open a social media app or turn on … More

Risk Hamstrung

Risk and creativity are two attendees of the same party but do not share too much time on the dancefloor … More

ERM Doesn’t Party

A summer Saturday in Texas gets it beauty from the heat it emanates, each degree higher raising the bar of … More


In leadership, listening is one of the greatest tools one can possess. Effective listeners are rewarded most often with better … More

Risk Framing

“The way a risk is framed influences people’s understanding of it.” – Taleb In 1965, a physicist named Richard Feynman … More

Preparing For Eventualities

eventuality [ih-ven-choo-al-i-tee] noun : a contingent event, a possible occurrence or circumstance I was reading through HBR’s Top 10 Articles … More

Actions Trigger Perils

Random ERM thoughts of the day… Discussions lead to thinking… thinking leads to decisions… decisions lead to actions… actions trigger … More

Partial Knowledge

The peculiar economist, Frank Knight, made a distinction between risk and uncertainty in his 1921 work, Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit. … More

Practice Makes Permanent

Humans are not born as great decision makers. In such a complex world filled with uncertainty, randomness, chaos, and disorder … More

Bubble Wrapped Mindset

I am currently reading Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder and once again am thoroughly blown away by … More

Planting Roots

Corporate risk management is a complex and challenging role in a world of increasing randomness and uncertainty. To be truly … More